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NFT application suite for new and experienced collectors

Hi, I'm Flash Inu! I'm quick, efficient, and totally friendly! Try my NFT suite of tools, designed by NFT collectors, for NFT collectors.

Are you new to NFTs or don't know where to start? Or are you an experienced NFT trader and still feel that something is missing?
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Inner circles in the NFT community have had tools empowering them to access information earlier, enabling better decision-making, pre-planning, and bigger profits. Just like in traditional stock exchanges, information asymmetry is prevalent throughout the NFT community as the rich get richer, while those without early access to information continue to become pawns in a game played by NFT elites.

It’s time to level the playing field.

Subscription Utility Burn

new deflationary revolution

We introduce the $FLASH token, the link to access the entire NFT application suite. $FLASH innovates a new payment approach named SUB - “subscription utility burn”, implementing a burn mechanic to grant access for 7 days or 30 days at a time. Holders of the token can either purchase to burn as needed, or simply hold and trade as a commodity.


For dedicated traders, the first release will be a limited supply of 100 FLASH Genesis Passes. The top 20% of holders of $FLASH at a snapshot date will receive priority mint of the passes. The remaining supply out of 100 will be available to be minted by all $FLASH token holders at public release.
$FLASH token (ERC-20)
Buy and sell tax:
5% development
3% marketing
2% auto LP
Subscription Utility Burn (SUB)


more to come..


Ty, project lead
Tony, tech lead
Steve, tech lead
Enzee, compliance
Ata, marketing
Jacob, administration
Ray, public relations
Tingtong, solidity


Stage 1
Private sale
Token stealth launch
500+ holders
Whitepaper release
1,000 Discord and Telegram members
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap Listing
Contract audit
FLASH Genesis Pass mint
FLASH Scanner (tool #1)
FLASH listener (tool #2)
Stage 2
2,000+ holders
Marketing campaign (Youtubers, NFT influencers and NFT traders)
5,000 Discord and Telegram members
FLASH spammer (tool #3)
FLASH sniper (tool #4)
Daily NFT news updates
Stage 3
10,000+ holders
News and media publications
Project partnerships and collaborations
Mobile iOS and android NFT application suite
Small CEX listings
FLASH minter (tool #5)
Stage 4
50,000+ holders
Develop integration with major blockchain technology partners
Expand NFT application suite for Solana, Fantom, Harmony, and Cardano blockchain
Add multiple languages
Major CEX listings
Stage 5